PharmaCytics is a pharmaceutical Research company, specialized in synthetic chemistry, and produces bioactive molecules to study and manipulate biological systems. The company has extensive expertise on medicinal chemistry and drug delivery, with emphasis on advanced prodrug technology.

We are a team of scientists and business experts, highly motivated to develop new and value-added therapies to relieve medical issues of patients. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions for drug delivery by facilitating transport of biomolecules through cellular membranes. By combining knowledge of cellular processes with medicinal chemistry expertise, we have developed proprietary technology to solve absorption problems of (oral) medication by exploiting the high transport capacity of specific carrier proteins. The technology also holds promise to facilitate uptake of anticancer drugs into tumor cells and to enable passage of CNS active compounds through the blood-brain barrier.


PharmaCytics  was founded in November 2011. The company has its headquarters in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and has established its Research facilities at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen.






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